Reasons why every Small Business Owner in Lebanon should attend the "Middle East Social Media Festival"

Publication Date 21 December 2018

By Joe Ghantous

Being a small business owner is not easy, you’ll have to be involved in all job functions from A - to – Z.

These varied responsibilities require from your part a wide practical knowledge in all the business aspects and will put you in front of several challenges to overcome. Attending the “Middle East Social Media Festival” will be a solution for your main challenges and will help you focus on growing your own business in additional to covering the latest social media marketing news and updates.

Discover below the main reasons why you shouldn’t miss the MESMF:

- Spark Creativity & Innovation

Creativity has to be fed with new sources every so often. Attending MESMF will introduce you to a range of inspiring and like-minded people. You'll take advantage of new ideas and you may even come up with a way to pivot your business.

- Foster Connections

Operating a small business can be isolating at times. In actuality, entrepreneurs usually experience many of the same issues and are in fact eager to share those experiences with others. MESMF is an excellent place to make connections, share information and learn about your peers. Don’t forget that networking isn't limited only with attendees, but with speakers mainly from leading international social media platforms.

- Marketing to Potential Clients

Along with attending the MESMF as a participant, you can also consider attending it as a vendor/exhibitor. This will allow you to benefit from the huge number of attendees to directly introduce them to your business services/products and gives you a chance to conduct market research and learn more about your target audience in a live setting.

- Find Business Collaborations

MESMF attendees are mainly business people & marketing experts across the Middle East.
Just image being during MESMF with all these people, it will be awesome. You’ll get the change to find a business partner of other type of collaborations locally or regional.

- Empower Your Team Members

The key success of any business is the people working behind it. In today’s rapidly developing era, team members must always be attending workshops and lectures to update their knowledge and sharpen their skills.
During the MESMF, you’ll be updating your team’s knowledge from the best experts in social media mainly from LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and others.

MESMF has so much to give at absolutely no risk to you. No matter what industry you're in, you're almost guaranteed to pick up something if you attend this social media marketing event. Book your place now.