Why people come back to a conference?

Publication Date 29 January 2019

By Bothaina Hassan - Project Manager at MESMF

What is a conference?

My meaning, a conference is a meeting of people who "confer" about a topic. It is where people with a shared interest meet a few days to exchange innovative ideas with experts and discuss in depth vital topics.

When to attend a conference?

Knowledge is limitless and has no boundaries. Therefore if you want to excel and achieve higher goals, then follow the proven rule of "Learn & Grow" every day.

Attending conferences has no specific time. Search for conferences relevant to your interest and try to attend some if not all.

How to get the most out of a conference?

It’s not important to attend conferences as much as getting the most out of them.

Here below are few tips that will help you make your conference experience better:

Go with a problem

After you’ve determined that the conference is a good fit, it’s important to figure out your purpose from attending it in advance. Write down several problems you're trying to solve so you can keep them in mind and try to find solutions through the conference days. Knowing what you want to get out of the conference will help you figure out what to prioritize.

Collect contact information

During a conference you could wind up with a lot of business cards that you will forget about them or get confused about the type of business each person does. So before attending make sure to find a way organize the collected business cards and why not write notes one each card.

• Take detailed notes

With days full of speakers and sessions,you’re probably not going to remember all of it when you get home. So, collect your notes and information in a way and format that makes it easy to access.
For example, you can write up to 3 takeaways from each speech and any follow-up you want to do on the topic.

• Connect with the speakers

Make full benefit of your presence, not only to connect with other attendees but with acclaimed experts in a specific field. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions or to say hello, tell them you loved the presentation, and grab their business cards. You can always connect with them on social media.

• Have an elevator pitch

A conference is the place that you’ll be asked “What do you do? So, prepare and rehearse your elevator pitch to save time and make your networking experience effective. Make sure your elevator pitch to be always clear, descriptive and emotional.

Why People come back to a conference?

You’ll be asking yourself, why should I attend any conference again, the answers are simple:

• The essentials:

It is very hard and time consuming to search for a good conference from all measures. So, benchmarking some conferences to attend each year is much effective since you’ll be aware that the event may change from outside (size, location, speakers, people attending,…) but the essentials and the whole experience will be the same.

• Networking:

People attend conferences for the knowledge they can gain, but they re-attend for the networks they can grow. Conferences are great places to meet face to face with like-minded people with the same interests.

• Road map:

Attending the same conference will make you in a fixed road map where each year you’ll be continuing from the same point and level you ended up last year. This is vital point to make you move smoothly and gain constructive knowledge.

Why people come back for the “Middle East Social Media Festival”?

Each year the event fan base mainly marketing managers & business’ owners increases and old attendees recommend the event for new ones.
The event success is based on various pillars mainly:

1. Content

2. Networking (Turn online connections into offline business)

3. Middle East Social Media Award (Winners announcement)

4. The presence of social media influencers

5. Entertainment

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