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The rise of the social CEO

Publication Date 25 February 2019

By Joe Ghantous

In today’s aggressive markets, audience behavior is changing, new players are entering the game, and competition is becoming fiercer than ever. CEOs are aware of this change and they are on the search for marketing plans to continue fueling the business’ growth, whereas smart CEOs are adopting social media and sharing their own and their company’s values to win the game and that is what we call “The Rise of Social CEO”.

In Lebanon, when we think about social CEOs who reflect a positive image about their companies and about Lebanon on social media, Mr. Imad Kreidieh – CEO of Ogero, Mr. Marwan Hayek - CEO of Alfa Telecommunications, and Mr. Elie Aoun – CEO of Ipsos Connect MEAP, come to our minds. In this blog post, we interviewed these CEOs and asked them to give their opinions and bits of advice on this matter by answering three similar questions.