Middle East Social Media Festival 

Workshop Objectives:


  • Better understanding of different social media platforms for Politicians and Public Sector.
  •  Content Creation for politicians and public sector for better engagement.
  • Create a social media strategy.
  • Dealing with negativity online (people and feedback)

Workshop outline:

  • Understanding Social Media Mentality & Platforms
  • How to Create Engaging Content and how Politicians & Public Figures should deal with followers and Negative Comments)
  • Understanding Social Media ROI (What is the Main Return on Investment for Politicians and Public Sector)
  • Government and the Media: a crisis?
  • The political role of the mass media
  • How Influencer on Social Media Affect Politicians & Public Sector?
  • What is Digital Army on Social Media?
  • Social media use in private sector vs. public sector
  • How Social Media is Changing Politics
  • What does Social Media and Politics have in common?
  • Impact of Social Media in Politics
  • Values of Social Media for the public sector
  • Values of Social Media for government
  • Recommendation on Digital Government Strategies
  • What role for social media in opening up public sector institutions?
  • Social networks and political communication
  • How are politicians embracing social media?
  • How are citizens using social media?
  • How is social media being used to facilitate activism?
  • The role of social media in the Arab Spring
  • How can Politicians Protect their Presence on Social Media? How to enhance Security
  • Look at how social media was used in different uprisings and protests…
  • Effect & Importance of Social Media in Political campaign
  • Government agencies’ unique challenges with using social media
  • Social Media Monitoring & Listening
  • Analytics Tools
  • Best Practices Based on Lessons Learned
  • Suggestions

Workshop  Bonus Material:
- Recommendations on how to create a digital marketing strategy in addition to know the importance of SEO, SEM and email marketing.
(because the workshop is 6 hours only we don’t have time to discuss these in details)

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Workshop Trainer: Roland Abi Najem

About Trainer:  Roland was the IT & Social Media Consultant at the Ministry of Information – Kuwait and the Personal Consultant for the Minister of Information From 2014 till 2016. Roland is the Chairman at several seminars and conferences in the region (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Lebanon…)   and also Keynote speaker & Panelist.

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