List of Lebanese digital marketing trainers to learn from

Publication Date: 3 August 2018

By: Bothaina Hassan - Project Manager at MESMF

Online marketing skills are a must nowadays for all business, therefore you‘ll be always be on the search for online marketing speakers/trainers to listen to and attend training sessions with. As we all know, Lebanese people are well known for their high skills when it comes to marketing. So, in this blog post, we will be proud to highlight on marketing speakers & trainers (mentioned in alphabetical order) you should follow and listen to for inspiration & growth.

Assaad Thebian:

Assad is a marketing & digital media consultant alongside being a trainer/speaker. Assad is also a social media influencer who always highlights on the social issues.

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Charbel Kahaleh:

Charbel is a speaker, trainer, and consultant in Digital Media and Marketing who helps companies to develop digital media departments, and mainly to integrate digital marketing to their core business. Currently he is coaching Digital Marketing at Smart ESA, the incubator program of ESA Business School.

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Darine Sabbagh:

Darine is a marketer and a firm believer in SEO. She is specialized in helping organizations train & build their internal social media teams. As well as she is a passionate traveler, dabbling in professional translation, a copy writing & the blogger behind “The Identity Chef”

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Elie Sarkis:

Elie is an Inbound Marketing & Google Certified professional with more than 7 years of experience in Communications & Digital Marketing. He is currently heading the Digital Marketing department at Samsung CTC | AC Holding in Lebanon.

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Jennifer Kanaan:

Jennifer is a program director and trainer for Eastline Academy. She is also a freelance consultant in social media and digital marketing.

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Joe Ghantous:

Joe is best known as the founder of “Right Service ®” and the “Middle East Social Media Festival and Award ®” in addition to the author of “Employee Advocacy on Social Media” - Book. He offers over 13 years of social media speaking and consulting services to B2C and B2B businesses. Joe has been certified as a digital marketing expert from ESA - Business School, Hootsuite University, Facebook and Google.

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Joseph Yaccoub:

Joseph is a communication specialist with a background in the fields of online, offline, relationship marketing, and Internet technology. He is also a digital marketing speaker/trainer who manages workshops in Lebanon and across the Middle East.

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Khodor Salameh:

Khodor is digital media expert and e-marketing consultant, trustworthy social media & campaigning trainer / workshop facilitator, with more than 30 years of experience in Inbound Marketing, digital literacy, social media/online journalism/blogging and networking workshops prepared and implemented since 2010 in Lebanon, Jordan,Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey.

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Louay Kassas:

Louay is well experienced & skilled in marketing professional. He manages workshops covering: digital strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) and all social media platforms.

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Majed Al Tamer:

Majed is a certified digital marketing consultant & trainer, specialized in helping companies leverage the power of the internet in order to grow their business.

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Mohammad Hijazi:

Mohammad is a marketing consultant, a trainer and a digital media strategist with some of the Middle East’s top agencies and institutions. He also runs the “Online Collaborative”, a non-profit initiative that aims to promote awareness about technology and social media. Last but not least, Mohammad is a blogger at “Mind Soup”. Follow Mohammad on: Twitter - LinkedIn - Instagram

Omar Khaled:

Omar is a certified marketing guy with a proven track record of success at the highest level. He is a well-known commenter on marketing issues, an active blogger, a trainer and a consultant in social media and online marketing who loves to share his practical experience with everyone.

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Philippe Abou Zeid:

Philippe is a Social Media Teacher at Annahar Academy. He prepares workshops and trainings on the professional use of the multiple social media platforms in order to help institutions, public administrations, and international organizations to develop their own social media strategy and deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

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Ralph Aoun:

Ralph is the blogger behind” BLOG OF THE BOSS” as well as he is a social media trainer& TV presenter.

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Roland Abi Najem:

Roland is the Chairman at several seminars and conferences in the region (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Lebanon…) and also Keynote speaker & Panelist about IT & Social Media. Roland is always looking to be an Influencer whether in Social Media or in Real Life.

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Sahar Haddad:

Sahar is in love with the digital world and all that it has to offer. She is a passionate social media strategist and trainer. She is the founding partner of GDawn a social media agency.

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Shada Wehbe:

Shada is a social media & digital marketing trainer in Lebanon & Middle East with a vast exposure in digital marketing. Shada has developed many successful online strategies for clients across different markets in the MENA region. Today, she is the co-founder of TaMarbouta, a women-owned digital agency in the Middle East. Follow Shada on: LinkedInTwitter

Taleb Kabbara:

Taleb is a social media speaker and volunteer who helps businesses design or implement a social media strategy in line with business objectives and marketing strategy. In addition to that, he is a trainer and social media marketing instructor to MBA students at AUST.

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We hope that this blog post will support you while searching for a digital marketing speaker/trainer. Don’t forget you can always check the latest digital marketing news for business at the “Middle East Social Media Festival” from the best minds in the Middle East.

This blog post is a result of personal research that may miss some Lebanese marketing trainers that we forgot or don't know. If you feel yourself deserve to be mentioned in this list or you know someone that should, we would be glad to know about, please send us an email to including contact details & experience so we will study your request.