Last Updated on October 31, 2019

By Joe Ghantous

The MESMA is an award that rewards social media excellence in the Middle East. It is open to all individuals & brands in the country the “Middle East Social Media Festival will be held in, which had outstanding social media presence during the past year.

Winning the MESMA is a big deal, but you can’t win if you don’t enter.

Here below are the steps to enter the MESMA, but keep in mind that first and foremost, entering the MESMA begins with the great & remarkable social media work you have created throughout the past year.

• STEP ONE: Register & Choose a Category

Visit the page and click on “Apply Now” in the page header.

Then you will be redirected to the form where you are asked to fill 6 fields including the MESMA category you want to submit to. To cut it short you can also use the old fashioned phone calls +961 5 951343

• STEP TWO: Get the Confirmation

Filling the form does not guarantee a nomination, after submitting the form your request will be directed to “MESMA Nomination Board” whom they will study your request and decide if your registration is approved or not.

• STEP THREE: Submit the Entry Fees

After receiving the confirmation on your nomination from the “MESMA Nomination Board” you’ll be asked to submit the entry fees $500 per entry except if you are submitting as an individual who is not promoting for brands or on behalf of a NGO.

Then your nomination is on the right track.


Just wait for the "MESMA Nomination Board" confirmation and Congrats, you'll be officially one of “Middle East Social Media Award” nominees. Best of Luck!